Windows 12 delayed: Microsoft will focus on W11 24H2

Windows 12 won’t be released in 2024

Windows 11, while not Microsoft’s most widely used operating system (that spot is held by Windows 10), will be getting a new update, according to our website. The new version of the OS (24H2) will be released this summer and will bring a number of new features to Windows.

In the end, Windows 23H2 won’t be the last update to the system. One of the most exciting new features is the integration of artificial intelligence into the OS. This will pave the way for future artificial intelligence PCs that Microsoft hopes to bring to market.

Microsoft recently confirmed the release of the annual update and Windows 12 will not be released in June 2024.

Microsoft is waiting with the release of Windows 12

Despite its bad reputation, Windows 11 will be on users’ computers for some time to come. Microsoft may have chosen this strategy to raise the prestige of its OS. It is not as successful as Windows 10, and only 28% of desktop PCs use this version.

Therefore, the purpose of the maneuver is to delay the release of Windows 12 to avoid splitting the user base of the OS. This decision may seem reasonable, given that Microsoft probably doesn’t want to manage three versions of the system at the same time.

Therefore, it’s likely that Windows 12 will be released later when Windows 11 becomes a bit more popular. This extra time may allow Microsoft to refine a future version of the OS. As a reminder, Windows 12 will also be heavily based on artificial intelligence.

What’s new in Windows 11 24H2

As usual, the update to version 24H2 will be via Windows Update. As mentioned above, this will likely be the last annual Windows update. It’s already available as a test version of Canary for developers.

Windows 24H2 should bring a number of changes to the OS. These include the integration of Sudo commands from Linux, as well as improvements to Copilot. The goal is to improve the user experience when using Microsoft’s artificial intelligence.

While we regret the delayed release of Windows 12, this new update for version 11 of the OS is only for the better. By improving Windows 11, it’s possible that more users will migrate to the OS. Moreover, since this is just an update, there is no need to spend hours installing an entirely new version of the OS.


This year, Windows 11 will receive its last major update: 24H2. Windows 11 24H2 is available as a test version and should be rolled out globally in June. The update could take the place of Windows 12, which will be released at a later date.

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