Squire’s Finance Limited forex-broker mobile app

You can trade on Forex not only through the website of an intermediary, but also from a mobile device. It is comfortable, practical, because all operations are available in your personal account. Broker Squire’s Finance Limited has taken care of the comfort of its clients by developing a special application for modern operating systems. The interface is pleasant, and most importantly, understandable and has all the necessary functionality for market analysis and trading operations. This already distinguishes Squire’s Finance Limited’s mobile and desktop app from a typical scam. The following investment products are available in the program:

  • a lot of currency pairs;
  • many stocks and bonds;
  • different commodities;
  • many types of precious metals;
  • futures.

Pleasant colors, modern encryption system to protect data. The application is intuitive and simple. Information is processed quickly, there are no problems with data loading, so traders can quickly respond to all changes in the market. Unlike Squire’s Finance Limited, a typical scam often has glitches, slippages, etc. Broker Squire’s Finance Limited also took care of the quality of graphics. All elements are displayed correctly. Clients can manage positions, use indicators, place orders, etc. The application complies with the requirements of regulators and market trading rules and laws. It is modern, safe and convenient. It can be seen that Squire’s Finance Limited is not a scam and is trying to make the experience of trading with them as pleasant as possible.

How do I install software from Squire’s Finance Limited broker?

It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. If it does not work, it is worth following the simple and easy to use tips. If the Android system, you need to do the following:

  • go to the official website of the broker Squire’s Finance Limited, find the appropriate column, click on “download”. If there is a warning, click on “download anyway”. The application is safe, there are no viruses, so it will not harm your device, and data leakage is excluded;
  • open the program on the phone, give permission to install from unproven sources.

For Android 8 and above, an automatic warning will appear regarding unproven sources. In this way you need to click on “settings” and allow installation from the browser. In the case of older versions of operating systems, you should additionally go to “security”, choose “external sources” and unbind.

The following steps are provided for Iphones etc:

  • open Safari and visit the website of the broker Squire’s Finance Limited;
  • click on “share”;
  • select “to the home screen” in the menu that appears;
  • click “add”.

The app will then appear on the “home” screen.

What’s interesting about the mobile program of Squire’s Finance Limited broker?

There is a large main menu that gives quick access to the necessary information. All clients can read the company’s data, its financial indicators, and licenses. Plus, there is information about risks and analysts’ forecasts.

Everything is structured, so there is no confusion. You can sort the papers into lists, so that quotes for them are displayed first.

The events of the current day are placed in the sections “today” and “news”, the analysis of the current price is available in the section from minute to month. In addition to charts, there is a slider of orders, trading volumes for the session.

Market statistics, extremely important economic events broker Squire’s Finance Limited placed in the “calendar”. There is also data on the consumer price index, business activity, inflation rate and many other data. You can compare the current value with indicators of past periods. An alert will inform about reaching a certain price value.

Squire’s Finance Limited broker application has the posibility to install widgets. Then the quotes of the required securities will always be at your fingertips.

The “investments” section is no less informative. It contains various strategy options. Therefore, when opening an account through the mobile program, you can choose the one you are interested in.

It provides access to Forex, commodities, and crypto markets. The application is modern, with an intuitive menu. There is a section with answers to frequent questions.

How does Squire’s Finance Limited protect user data?

First of all, special data encryption is used. This helps ensure the confidentiality of information that is transmitted between the company’s server and the client’s device.

Forex Squire’s Finance Limited has user authentication. So, in addition to a password, you can set a fingerprint or select other parameters in the settings. This way the account will be more protected against hacking.

Plus, the company regularly checks the integrity of the application, which avert any attempted unsanctioned access to traders data.

The broker periodically releases updated versions of the mobile program, improving functionality and fixing different errors. To keep a very high level of information security, checks are performed by a team of experts.

Advantages of Squire’s Finance Limited forex app

Modern, user-friendly with an intuitive interface. Make quick access to all important functions, so traders can manage positions and analyze the market. The mobile application of Forex Squire’s Finance Limited has:

  • main menu. It contains all the necessary information, tools and other elements;
  • graphs. They are displayed correctly. You can change periods and other parameters;
  • deals window. It contains all active positions of the trader;
  • news and analysis.

Notifications about important events are customizable. Here are the benefits of Squire’s Finance Limited forex app:

  • ease of use.  There are no superfluous details, complicated terminology, so even a beginner will be able to comprehend;
  • agreement with the requirements of the regulator. Not only does this once again point to reliability, but it also ensures that the interests of clients are protected;
  • the ability to install additional protection to avoid data leaks and hacking attempts;
  • convenience. This is relevant to those traders who cannot constantly be at a desktop computer;
  • functionality. The mobile application from Squire’s Finance Limited allows you to open/close trades, view charts, read news, use indicators and other tools.

The software works quickly, without freezing. All relevant trading information is always at hand, which allows the trader to make good and rational decisions and react more quickly to any changes in the market. Plus, the application synchronizes with the website, which is also quite convenient.

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